Walker Beyond Limits

Inspirational documentary of the football prodigy paralyzed from the neck down, transformed into incredible source of hope and strength.

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He achieved what was thought to be impossible.
And so can you.

"If you ever found yourself feeling defeated or discouraged I implore you to spend 15 minutes with Trenell, or watch the awarding winning film maker, Andy Costa's documentary on Trenell. I guarantee you will be moved and motivated. I know I was." Tom Ziglar CEO Ziglar Corporation Proud son of Zig Ziglar
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I was starting on a varsity football team in Texas, as a Freshman. I had a future in sports. Or so I thought. Life had different plans and before the season ended I was paralyzed from the neck down. In an instant, my football career was over, my financial future was gone. The doctors told my Mother that my life was soon to end as well. And in my mind, I saw no reason not to agree with them.
But again, life had different plans.

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The strength to continue,
came through a purpose bigger than me.

It is my hope that my struggle, my journey, and ultimately my success will serve as a roadmap for others. No matter how big or small our personal challenges may seem to others, to each of us, they are very real and very significant. My story is documented "Walker Beyond Limits" a film by the Emmy award winning Andy Costa.

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"Walker Beyond Limits" is one of the ways I communicate my proven methods to overcome challenges, discovery, and act upon your purpose in life. I demonstrate the need, and the "how to" for approaching each day with a heart of the gratitude and generosity.
Those who know me call this
"The Trenell Effect".

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